A Story of Invention

Peter McCloskey set out to reinvent a staple. Something in the kitchen, which we all use, but which could be better. Rapeseed Oil has grown in popularity in recent years. Mainly due to its ability to perform well at high temperatures. But all the oils available lacked subtlety. The rest, is Peter’s story…


“I grew up in a large food producing family, beside a mixed produce farm and was always taken-in by the delicious and wholesome bounty of this beautiful country. At our kitchen table, we were all nurtured and nourished from the ‘magic’ that happens when the best quality fresh ingredients and the right atmosphere combine with family and friends.”

“Collar of Gold is the result of an ambition I had to make the purest and most natural oil, that allows quality food ingredients to be the hero. Elevating them to a new level. Collar of Gold’s lack of strong taste, neutral colour, high-temperature performance and wonderful emulsification properties, has earned us a place in the restaurant kitchens of Ireland’s finest chefs. And on the kitchen tables of Irish families. Enhancing those special, magical times with friends and family, when you want to serve the very best.”

Collar of Gold is made from virgin oil, from seed grown by Irish Farmers. We slowly extract the golden oil, leaving behind the bitter tasting outer shells. It is 100% natural and high in omega 3 and 6 and suitable for both cold and high temperatures uses. Always letting the flavour of the ingredients shine through.

An oil steeped in the tradition of the land of its birth and decorated with the Gleninsheen Gold Collar. A three thousand year old treasure of the Irish Bronze Period