Catering and Food Service

Collar of Gold represents the very best alternative to professional chefs who want to serve the highest quality food using the purest of natural ingredients.

Collar of Gold is a physically extracted, physically refined (as opposed to chemically extracted and chemically refined) pure Irish vegetable oil.

It is an important technological first, using water vapour to remove the strong smell, taste and colour typically associated with Rapeseed Oil. This makes the oil G.M., a 100% pure and natural Irish product.

The oil’s purity ensures that it does not breakdown under normal and above-normal cooking temperatures.

It therefore does not impart:

  • Any of the strong taste, smell or colour that is typically present in cold pressed oils.
  • The taste and smell typical of cooked-out or over used oil. This is because Collar of Gold does not contain any gums, phosphatides, soaps or odoriferous and chlorophyllic compounds – it is exceptionally stable under heat.
  • An unpleasant smell to kitchen the environment.

When hot grilling and frying Collar of gold has a high smoke point around 220 degrees C and does not ‘smoke off’. It retains clarity and does not easily turn dark on the pan.

Exceptionally gentle manufacturing methods ensure that:

  • Fatty acids chains remain unbroken.
  • Naturally occurring lecithins are retained.

This means that the product emulsifies remarkably easy and holds its emulsified state for much longer than other oils.

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