Its Brilliant for frying:

We use Collar of gold because of its resistance to tainting when frying. It is a superior product that has enhanced our cooking.
Marguerite Keogh,
Head chef,
The Five Fields,

Chelsea London (Michelin star)


Collar of gold is beautifully pure and natural oil. We use it in dressings and sauces, where it does not compromise flavours and are delighted to work with world class Irish food producers.

Kieran Glennon,
Head chef,
Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud (Michelin star)

Salad and dressings:

We use Collar of Gold in all our emulsifications, dressings and mayonnaises. It is a top quality Irish product and we are delighted to use it.

Eric Matthews,
Executive head chef,
Chapter One Restaurant Dublin (Michelin star)


Baking with Collar of Gold produced perfect results that were similar to what would be expected from a good quality butter.

Michael Mc Namara,
Department of Culinary Arts,
Dundalk IT