Ireland’s Gold

Ireland is home to the World’s largest and finest collection of 3,000 year old gold collars.

These unique ‘statement’ ornamentations, made in Ireland from alluvial gold, feature exquisitely fine abstract and geometric detailing in forms of Repousse, Incision, LaTene and Compassing.

Almost three thousand years of age, the Gleninsheen neckline speaks to one of the great fortunes of the Irish Bronze Age. Formed out of a sheet of gold and estimating 31 cm over, it is decorated in repoussé ornamentation that uses beaded and round motifs to stunning effects. It was found in 1932 in the Burren Co. Clare.

A remarkably Irish artifact, to date just 11 gold collars (or gorgets are they are in some cases known) have been found, mostly in the North Munster district. They appear to have been originally worn as large necklaces and evidence for attachment holes, to secure a cord or light chain have been identified on a number of them. The collars presumably had a place with individuals from the nearby elite and when worn would have been an exceptionally prominent presentation of their riches and influence.

Their rich, gold, sun-like purity and exceptionally fine craftsmanship are ancient Irish symbols of the royalty, sun, fertility, divinity, life, and magical powers. They have inspired us to bring to you “Collar of Gold”, Irish grown Rapeseed Oil.